About Time N Sound of Kashmir

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The Time Keepers Of Kashmir

For nearly a century now, the zargar family has been carrying forward the legacy of keeping time for kashmiris .Zargar family has been carrying on a unique legacy of being the 'timekeepers of kashmir' for nearly a century now. popularly known as Garisaaz, the Zargar family has the distinction of introducing watches in kashmir as early as 1900. In the following decades, we took our traditional business to newer heights by selling imported brands of watches. It all started in 1917 when Ghulam Muhammad Zargar set up 'Roamer Watch Shop' in the historic Lal Chowk , the Srinagar city center. "My grandfather was a watch smith-in the pre-partition days," says Azad Ahmad Zargar, the grandson of Ghulam Muhammad Zargar. Before Partition , Zargar used to import watches from foreign countries like Switzerland via Delhi and Rawalpindi. He aslo exclusively offered after-sale service in the valley, says Azad.

Who says mobile phones have overtaken watches?

"Our growing sales negate this myth, through watches have become more of a fashion symbol than a necessity."

 There has been a massive change in watch Technology. From mechanical , now it is the era of automatic watches with amazing features like Bluetooth. "We have watch models for all ages," said Azad Some people are emotionally attached with watches. Recently a person Came to our shop with an old receipt that dated back to 40 years. He said four decades ago his father has handed over his watch for repairs in his shop . "The person wanted to retain the watch as his father's memento," says Azad. "I searched for the watch and after a few days, I found it in our safe depots. It was an emotional moment for the person to receive the watch." Azad says the watch industry in Kashmir can address the growing unemployment problem. "Watch industry has huge market. There is immense scope to set up units for manufacturing watches or its accessories like straps," he says. "But the government has to take the initiative."Azad has two sons, Bakhtiar and Dr Shahrayar. Bakhtiar, who has an MBA. has also joined his family business."Our ancestral business has entered the fourth generation," Azad says with pride. "And our family will make every effort to keep up with the sobriquet of 'time keepers of Kashmir'."We literally sell time," Azad adds with a smile, "and we hope people will value it, lest we forget that time and tide waits for none." ®"